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for no reason here’s some smooches with Rhodey and Tony ahah


for no reason here’s some smooches with Rhodey and Tony ahah

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"James Rupert ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes is an American Hero. He’s served his country in the armed forces, stepped in for an ill Tony Stark as Iron Man and battled bad guys in top secret conflicts as War Machine. Now he wears a new red, white and blue suit of armor with a promise of protecting the American homeland as Iron Patriot.”

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It tested well with focus groups, alright?

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James Rupert  I am so done Rhodes

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Tony bugging Rhodey for suggestions to his “battle playlist”.

"Well, what do you listen to when you’re fighting?"

"… I keep the comm channel open, you moron."

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I see what you did there.

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Rhodey (possibly) canon


The one thing I think fanfic authors miss, is Rhodey went to MIT with Tony. His major was probably aerospace engineering, since many Air Force officer candidates major in this area. You know what another name for an aerospace engineer is? Rocket scientist.

Rhodey is a rocket scientist.

Rhodey is a rocket scientist, y’all. Treat him with the scientific respect he deserves.

Rhodey did indeed go to and graduate MIT for Aerospace Engineering in MCU canon.  that is legit.  He is a rocket scientist

tho, post MIT and probably during, his specialty became more weapons focused but no doubt he is quite knowledgeable in a lot of other related areas